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Our Story

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Our Beginnings

The Wimmera Grain Store is part of a family group of businesses who farm in the Wimmera Region, in north west Victoria.


Our original family farm, "Overton" is located in  Rupanyup about 3.5 hours drive from Melbourne.


Our grandfather, Albert James Matthews moved to Rupanyup in 1927.  His son Valentine and grandson David started growing pulses on the family farm in the early 90’s as part of our crop rotation. 


Traditionally an area known for its wool production and wheat, barley and oat crops, the introduction of pulses into the cropping rotations in the early 1980’s heralded a new era for crop production in the region.

Growers quickly realised  the capacity of Wimmera soils to grow high yielding pulse crops. Soon field peas, chick peas, lentils, faba beans and broad beans were included in many farms cropping programs.

Planting chickpeas, lentils and faba beans is a crucial part of sustainable farming as they naturally rejuvenate soil with nitrogen.

The Modern Era

Whilst the wheat and barley industry had regulated marketing organisations in place in the early 90's, the pulse industry had no similar structures.  Recognising this opportunity, in addition to running the family farm David Matthews started The Wimmera Grain Company, a grain cleaning and export business.


In 2013 he sold the main operating asserts of The Wimmera Grain Company to Australian Grain Export.


The domestic consumption of pulses has grown significantly since 1993, with the demand for plant based foods and healthy eating being top of mind for many Australians.


So in 2011 The Wimmera Grain Store was founded  by David’s sister Jenny, to supply locally grown chickpeas, lentils and faba beans to Australian based food manufacturers, re packers, cafes and restaurants. 


As our knowledge of the supply chain has grown, so has our interest in adding value to what we grow. 


So in addition to being able to supply locally grown chickpeas, lentils and faba beans to food manufacturers, re packers and food services, we have also been developing a range of shelf ready retail plant/pulse based products. 

Working with our community.

Our shelf ready retail products are hand packed locally by social enterprise groups providing supported employment and training opportunities for youth and people with disability.

The Wimmera Grain Store retail packaging, with the Rupanyup Silo Art on it, has been designed to promote our town, our region, our art and our food to the tourist market.


For the last 40 years we have watched the population of regional towns like Rupanyup decline.

If these small towns/communities die out who is going to help out at harvest ? Clean the grain, pack the product or transport it to the cities or overseas ? How will you get food from farm to plate ?

Attracting tourist to the region is the first step to keep these small towns and communities going.  Adding value to what is grown in the region and marketing these products to tourists, we hope will be the first steps in creating a self generating economy which will build a sustainable future for these  small towns and region.


The story of the 

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Rupanyup - A town with a pulse
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