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Hello ! Welcome to our online store.

We are delighted to share with you this range of plant based products made from Australian grown chickpeas, lentils and faba beans (pulses).

​ Whether you are looking for a healthy snack for you or your kids, a way to sneak extra fibre, plant protein and nutrients into your food or ways to improve your gut health, adding chickpeas, lentils and faba beans to your diet is a great way to look after your pulse !

Conveniently delivered to your front door, discover, explore and enjoy all the different ways this natural, nutritious and delicious food can be presented and at the same time learn about Victoria's Wimmera/Mallee region, where most of this food is grown (season permitting).

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Our natural and nutritious wholefoods, grown on the fertile Wimmera plains are some of finest produce in the world.


Our high plant protein and fibre speciality flours ground from Wimmera grown pulses, are an easy way to sneak extra nutrients into your diet.

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Our Pulse Raiser collection of pulse plant based snacks are a taste sensation and a great way to satisfy in between meal cravings.


Explore our region without leaving home through one of our discovery boxes !

Pulse Raisers

Plant (Pulse) Based  Snacks

Our ready to eat range of Plant (Pulse) based snacks, are a tasty and convenient way to satisfying in between meal cravings.   High in plant protein, high in fibre and gluten free, they are a great choice for anyone on the go, whether you have had a busy day at work or are taking a road trip to Rupanyup to see the Silo Art or other parts of Australia.  They are great to share with family and friends , as a gift or simply a nourish treat !  We can't stop eating them !

Plant (Pulse) Based Meals