Originating in the Mediterranean region or southwestern Asia, the faba bean split or fava bean is a whole faba bean which has been dried, skinned and split into two pieces.


Faba beans splits are tasty, easy to cook and are dense with nutrition. They don't need soaking and cook down to a very soft consistency.


Faba beans have no saturated fat or cholesterol and contain a high concentration of minerals.


They are also an inexpensive source of lean protein.



Great for dips, dahls, felafel, soups, sides, or mayonnaise.

Dietary Information

  • Split Wholegrain
  • 100% Natural
  • High Plant Protein
  • High Fibre
  • Naturally Gluten Free
  • Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarian and Flexitarian


Australian Faba Bean Splits 350g

SKU: 109350g
  • Nutritional Information Panel

    Australian Faba Bean Splits

    Serving Size 50g. Serving Per Pack 7.

      Ave Qty Per 50g Ave Qty Per 100g
    Energy 675kj 1350kj
    Protein 12.9g 25.7g
    Total Fat  Less than 1g 1.6g
    Saturated Fat Less than 1g Less than 1g
    Carbs 20.6g 41.2g
    Sugars 1.7g 3.3g
    Dietary Fibre 4.9g 9.7g
    Sodium 11mg 21mg
    Gluten - -