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Lentils are a natural, nutritious and delicious food. The Wimmera Grain Store lentils come straight from local paddocks, cleaned, split and packed in the area,  making them largely an unprocessed/natural food and low in food miles.


When the skin is removed from a dried whole red lentil and the lentil is split into two, this type of lentil is called a Red Split Lentil. A vibrant red in color they are a traditionally used for making spicy Indian dhals.


High in plant protein, fibre and naturally gluten free, these lentils do not have any add sugar, dairy or preservatives and they are not genetically modified.


Lentils are a relatively inexpensive food and are a great way to cater for families with a diverse range of dietary needs ie from vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, to those seeking naturally gluten free products*.


Lentils also expand in volume when cooked. One cup of dried lentils can make two cups of cooked, making meals go further for larger families or those on a tight budget.


Lentils can be stored in your pantry for months and are handy to have on hand just like rice and pasta (but packed with a few more nutrients!)


Dried lentils take on the flavors of what they are cooked with, lending them to being a very tasty ingredient to some fabulous dishes.


Red Split Lentils being easy to blend once cooked, they are great for hiding extra vegetables, protein and fibre in kids, teenage or adult meals who are missing much needed nutrients .


Taking only minutes to cook, Red Lentil Splits are great to fill hungry and empty tummys in a hurry !



Great for dips, soups, dahl, lentil mash, lentil or veggie burgers, pasta sauce  or casseroles.  


These lentils do not require soaking before cooking. Quick to cook these lentils are ready in just 8-10 minutes and loose all their shape making them easy to blend with other product.


If you like them a little softer they will cook in boiling water still in just 5 minutes.


For a delicious dahl or lentil mash the lentils will be ready after boiling for 10 minutes and become pale yellow in colour.


To retain their lovely deep red colour only cook by poaching for a few minutes,

Nutritional Information

  • Split Wholegrain
  • 100% Natural
  • High Plant Protein
  • High Fibre
  • Naturally Gluten Free*
  • Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarian and Flexitarian


*Please note all our pulses are harvested on shared equipment and may be grown next to cereal crops which contain gluten.



Australian Red Lentil Splits 4kg Tub

SKU: 1074kg
Sales Tax Included
  • Nutritional Information Panel

    Australian Red Split Lentils

    Serving Size 50g. Serving Per Pack 7.

      Ave Qty Per 50g Ave Qty Per 100g
    Energy 750kj 1500kj
    Protein 12.3g 24.6g
    Total Fat  1.1g 2.2g


    Less than 1g Less than 1g
    Carbs 10.0g 40.0g
    Sugars Less than 1.0g 1.9g
    Dietary Fibre 8.5g 17.1g
    Sodium 6mg 11mg
    Gluten - -

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